About DecoArt

Who We Are – How We Do It – What We Make

DecoArt inspires people to be creative in their Hobby, Crafting, Art, and Home Decorating and their everyday lives.  We do this by building and developing creative uses for our products that inspire consumers to try new projects that are both fun and personally rewarding.

We accomplish this by relying on our team of hard working and strategic thinkers who accept the constant challenge of developing creative ideas, innovative products, and new ways to satisfy the needs of our trade customers and consumers.  Our team is made up of intelligent, creative and high energy individuals who work well with each other and support all other members of the team to ensure success through accountability.

The end result? A wide variety of paints, finishes, and specialty products that cater to people of all ages in their quest to craft, create art, decorate their homes and- ultimately- have fun.

Our Creative Team & network of trusted outside designers develop endless projects and techniques using our products to inspire and educate consumers to achieve our goal of improving people’s lives- one jar at a time.

And we aren’t new to inspiring- since 1985, DecoArt has manufactured one of the broadest lines of acrylic paints and finishes for general arts and crafts use in the world. The line includes all-purpose acrylics for professional artists, crafters, and students.

Located centrally in the United States, DecoArt manufactures numerous specialty paints that are designed specifically for surfaces like glass, ceramics, fabric, and metal, from its Stanford, Kentucky production facility. DecoArt products are known around the world for their superior and consistent quality and excellent value.

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