STANFORD, Ky. — Tired of conventional and rigid fabric painting   techniques, DecoArt®, Inc is excited to announce it has created   a new product family that will drastically change how consumers create fabric crafts.  DecoArt®’s  new Ink Effects™ Inks allow the user to paint any design on any type of paper and then transfer that design to white or light-  colored fabrics using an iron. Ink Effects™ provides a fabric  finish that is not stiff and will not flake off like traditional fabric  paint and iron-on transfers.

“Iron-on transfers sit on top of the fabric, adhered to it by heat. They can leave a bit of a plastic-like feel where the transfer is on the t-shirt (or other fabric),” according to Traditional fabric paints soak into fabric, but remain in their artistic medium state. The new DecoArt® Ink Effects™ Inks change states when heated, morphing into the fabric craft surface instantly.

Ink Effects™ allows you to perfect your design on paper prior to ironing onto fabric. As the ink-based paint is heated, the design becomes a part of the fabric, rather than sitting on top of the fibers. This creates a revolutionary option for individuals who are used to previously popular types of fabric painting. It is available in 12 popular and inter-mixable colors. The paints should not be applied directly to the selected fabric.

With Ink Effects™, the user can uniquely achieve today’s popular and stylish faded effects. Multiple transfers can be created from one painted design, with each design transfer becoming lighter and lighter for stunning at-home effects. The product adheres best to most synthetic fabrics such as Acetate, Nylon, Lycra and Polyester. After laundering, the product and painted fabric craft remains vivid. Ink Effects™ also adheres to most synthetic blend fabrics containing no more than 30% cotton. For fabrics that contain a majority of cotton or other natural fibers, the use of Ink Effects Basecoat™ prior to transferring is encouraged.

Ink Effects Basecoat™ works in conjunction with the Ink Effects™ Ink. Users can apply this basecoat spray to fabrics that contain more than 30% natural fibers, such as cotton. The spray absorbs into the fabric, dries quickly and will enhance the color vibrancy of the Ink Effects™ Inks. It will also increase the washability of transfer designs on fabrics than contain more than 30% natural fibers (such as cotton). As with the Ink Effects™ Inks, the Basecoat™ still remains soft and pliable when applied to any fabric, even silk.

Ink Effects™ and Ink Effects Basecoat™ will be available for purchase late spring 2012. Select items from the line will also be available at JoAnn Fabric and Craft store. Project ideas and an informational video featuring the products can be found at To add the above products to your lineup of existing DecoArt® quality products, please contact your DecoArt® Sales Service Representative.

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