STANFORD, Ky. —Glass painting is here to stay as a trend among artists and crafters. It is with this in mind that DecoArt® proudly announces several new additions to its extremely popular Americana® Gloss Enamels® line that will easily add glitter, frost and 3D effects to most craft surfaces.

The Americana® Gloss Enamels® family of products has seen tremendous success on retail shelves. All of the products in this family are formulated specifically to provide affordable glass painting to a wide range of artisans, while maintaining DecoArt®’s commitment to safe, non-toxic and Made-in-the-USA products. This line may be baked onto glass and ceramic surfaces to make the applied designs more durable and dishwasher safe.

Americana® Crystal Gloss Enamels Glitter™ is Americana® Crystal Gloss Enamels® with some added sparkle. These transparent, brush on paints are crystal clear when dry, with a hint of special glittery effects to accent glass artwork for birthdays and bachelorettes– or any glass item that could use extra shimmer.

Americana® Frost™ Gloss Enamels® delivers a colored, etched glass finish without the need for hazardous and harsh chemicals. As the product dries in a frosted, lightly color-tinted form, it is perfect to add elegance to glass, tile, plastic, and glazed ceramics. The frosted finish allows for light to shine through the painted object. All of created shades can be intermixed to create custom colors.

Americana® 3D Frost™ Gloss Enamels® writers are dimensional, translucent frost paints that come packaged in easy-to-squeeze 2-oz bottles with an included writer-tip. The product can also be brushed out, but utilizing the writer-tip, Americana® Gloss Enamels® 3D Frost Writers are perfect for adding names or initials to glass or ceramic, as well as outlining and adding frosted dimensional embellishments to many items.

Americana® 3D Opaque™ Gloss Enamels® writers’ color palette matches the original Gloss Enamels® color offerings. They work great paired with the original Gloss Enamels® and Gloss Enamel Stick-On Stencils™ to give dimension to personalization, outlining, painting and stenciling on glass and glazed ceramic surfaces. This product line extension can also be used on wood and other crafting surfaces, making them a very versatile addition to any crafter’s product supply.

Americana® Crystal Gloss Enamels® Glitter, Frost Gloss Enamels® and all 3D Gloss Enamels® are available for purchase at on March 27, 2012. Project ideas featuring the products can also be found at’s “Project Library.” To add the above products to your lineup of existing DecoArt® quality products, please contact your DecoArt® Sales Service Representative.

About DecoArt®, Inc.:

Since 1985, DecoArt has manufactured one of the broadest lines of acrylic paints and finishes for general arts and crafts use in the world. The line includes all-purpose acrylics for professional artists, crafters, and students. Located centrally in the United States, DecoArt manufactures numerous specialty paints that are designed specifically for surfaces like glass, ceramics, fabric, and metal, from its Stanford, KY production facility. DecoArt products are known around the world for their superior and consistent quality and excellent value. For more information on DecoArt, visit

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