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Tips for Using Glitter Paint

September 24, 2013

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Tips for Using Glitter Paint
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Who doesn't love a bit of glitter now and then? Glitter adds a little glamor to everyday items. DecoArt carries 4 main types of glitter products:

  • Crystal Gloss Enamels Glitter: transparent, brush-on paint with ultra fine glitter flakes. Formulated to work on glass and ceramics and can be baked for a dishwasher-safe finish.
  • Craft Twinkles / Craft Twinkles Writer: an acrylic paint loaded with large flakes of bright, shiny glitter. This brush-on glitter is the easiest and most convenient way to add glitter to any project. The clear base makes it easy to see where you are brushing, and it's less messy and more accurate than sprinkle-on glitter. Craft Twinkles can be used to add sparkle and shine to virtually any craft surface.
  • Glamour Dust Glitter Paint: premium ultra-fine elegant glitter paint used for decorative painting, home decor, and general craft painting projects. Adds glitz and shimmer to almost any porous surface.
  • SoSoft Fine Glitters: soft, acrylic fabric paint with very brilliant glitter specifically designed to be used on fabrics. Easy to apply with no heat setting, fabric medium, or special brushes needed.
TIP #1: Base coat your project with a solid acrylic paint before adding your glitter paint.

In the image below, the left-hand side was first painted with Americana Santa Red and then a coat of Craft Twinkles Christmas Red. The right-hand board was just painted with Craft Twinkles Christmas Red. See what a difference it makes?

TIP #2: Use a fan brush.

A fan brush will help spread the glitter pieces evenly across your piece and when it comes time to clean -- it's a cinch! The spread out bristles make it easier to rinse our the glitter.

I hope these simple tips will help you make the best of your glitter projects in the future. Please leave me a comment if you have any additional questions about our glitter products!


Hi, I am painting wine glasses with Christmas designs,a snowman, a penguin,a gingerbread man and the Grinch. So each one will have a base coat on the glass to start. I usually bake the glasses to cure the paint but I wasn't sure if I should put the glitter paint on the glasses before or after I baked them. These are not going to be used to drink out of, they will serve as tea light candle holders. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated! Happy Thanksgiving!! Thanks, Stacy


November 25, 2015

Stacy -- Thanks for your comment and question. If the glasses will not need to be handwashed or washed in a dishwasher, you will be fine to not bake the glitter paint. If you'd like some washability, we recommend you use the Crystal Glitter Gloss Enamels and bake for the added durability in washing. Thanks!

DecoArt, Inc.

November 25, 2015

Hello, I have just started a craft project and painted it in glitter paint but without the base coat. (First time project mistake) if I paint it over in a white base, will any of the original glitter show through? I still want the item to be glittery but I need more colour. Any advice appreciated. Thanks Rosie


November 1, 2016

I am painting a ceramic angel at Color Me Mine. I have painted two coats of light blue and I would like to add a shimmer without covering the blue. Any tips? Are there any transparent glimmer paints? Color me have glitter paint but I'd rather not have the glitter "sticking out" of the angel's dress. Thanks so much! Marta


November 2, 2016

I love using glitter paint for crafts. However, I always seem to have the most difficult time getting all of the glitter out of the paintbrush. Even after thorough cleaning(s), there's always just a few bits of glitter that remains. I was wondering if you had any tips for washing ALL of the glitter out of a paintbrush. Thank you. ????


February 19, 2017

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