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Join the Blogger Outreach Program:

We're always looking for new bloggers to join our team. If you're interested, fill out our online application. For more information about the Blogger Outreach Program, contact us at

About the Program:

DecoArt knows the value of bloggers and the impact they have on consumer buying decisions. That's why we want to work with YOU! The Blogger Outreach Program exists to provide a platform that inspires and sparks creativity for all crafters and artists, and also serves as an educational tool for our DecoArt products.

Features and Benefits:

There are many features and benefits for members of the Blogger Outreach Program, but the two biggest are getting free DecoArt products (sometimes before they are available in retail stores) and building your brand and extending your marketing efforts at no cost to you. As a contributing blogger, you can:

  • Position yourself as a leader in the crafting industry and get paid for doing it.
    DecoArt pays per post when we run campaigns. We also regularly feature our bloggers on the blog.
  • Promote your brand.
    Every post you author will link to your profile page, where you can include links to your website, your blog, your Facebook page, your Twitter handle, your latest book, etc.
  • Build your professional network.
    You will instantly have access to other crafters, bloggers, and painters who are a part of our program.

It's win-win! In exchange for contributing high quality content and projects, you can build your brand and get paid for doing it.