Project:  Christmas Doorbell

Created by Chris Thornton-Deason, Helping Artist

Chris Thornton-Deason has been passionate about decorative painting since 1981, and credits her artistic ability to her family genes and childhood activities. An experienced designer, Chris was honored to have one of her designs taught to 60,000 people in the Society of Decorative Painting’s Learn to Paint program in 2000. She is an accomplished publisher of numerous books, magazines, and videos.

This cheerful painted jingle bell is a fun addition to any Christmas décor, and makes a charming door decoration when hung on a doorknob.

DecoArt supplies

SoSoft Fabric Paint

  • DSS47 Hauser Light Green
  • DSS36 Ultra White
  • DSS94 Dark Rose
  • DSS98 Olive Green
  • DSS75 Apple Green
  • DSS95 Wine

SoSoft Fine Glitter

  • DSSG09 Ice Crystal
  • DSSG05 Limelight
  • DSSG10 Celebration Pink
  • DSSG03 Sizzling Red

SoSoft Mediums

  • DSF1 Transparent Medium

Traditions Brushes

  • TB12 #0 Liner
  • TB31 #4 Flat
  • TB34 #10 Flat

Additional supplies



  • water container
  • palette or plastic plate
  • paper towels
  • white transfer paper
  • tracing paper
  • rhinestones (3mm and 6mm)
  • craft glue



  1. Apply the pattern using white transfer paper. Repeat three times around the bell.
  2. Using the #1 liner do all of the tole strokes in Ultra White.
  3. Using the #4 flat for the berries and the #10 flat for the holly leaves, apply one coat of Ultra White to all. This will keep the burgundy of the bell from bleeding through.

Holly leaves

  1. Basecoat the holly leaves in Hauser Light Green using the #10 flat.
  2. Dampen the #10 flat with Transparent Medium and float the shadows with Olive Green. First float the shadows dividing the leaves, then across the bottom of each leaf and last through the center of each leaf.
  3. Add a touch of Wine to the Olive Green and deepen the shadows at the base of the leaves using the #10 flat.
  4. Float the highlights across the top and through the center with a mix of equal parts Hauser Light Green and Apple Green using the #10 flat.
  5. Brighten the highlights here and there with a float of Green Apple using the #10 flat.


  1. Basecoat the berries in Dark Rose using the #4 flat
  2. Dampen the #4 flat with Transparent Medium and float the shadows with Wine.
  3. Highlight with touches of Ultra White plus a touch of Dark Rose.


  1. Using the #1 liner do the snowflakes in a mix of equal parts Ultra White and Dark Rose dot the ends using the stylus.

Finishing touches

  1. Using the #1 liner, apply Ice Crystal to the tole strokes and Celebration Pink to the snowflakes.
  2. Using the #4 flat, add touches of Limelight to the holly leaves and Sizzling red to the berries.

Helpful hints

Throughout the project you will dampen the brush with Transparent Medium to float. Using Transparent Medium instead of water will keep the paint from bleeding out into the bell.


Click on the pattern below to view it full-size for printing.