Project:  Christmas Keepsake Box

Created by Gedinelson Ribeiro, Helping Artist

Brazilian artist Gedinelson (Gê) Claude Ribeiro was born in Quatiguá, Brazil. While he showed his artistic inclination even as a child, he did not work as an artist until 2009 when he became interested in decorative painting. Although largely self-taught, Ribeiro gives seminars throughout Brazil including classes at Rio de Janeiro Decorative Painting Convention, the Decorative Arts Convention of Rio Grande do Sul, and the decorative painting week organized by Artistas do Mundo. He has also taught in Venezuela and Argentina. Ribeiro is a member of the Society of Decorative Painters in the US and has published more than 30 designs in nine magazines. Knowledgeable about many decorative painting techniques, Ribeiro’s work includes oil on canvas, watercolors, paint on fabric, and drawing with graphite.

This elegant Christmas keepsake box features sheet music and lots of Americana Acrylic color painted and stamped on a wooden box to create a special place for those holiday photographs.

DecoArt supplies

Americana Acrylics

  • DAO1 Snow (Titanium) White
  • DAO22 Burgundy Wine
  • DAO64 Burnt Umber
  • DAO67 Lamp (Ebony) Black
  • DA143 True Ochre
  • DA147 Antique Green
  • DA170 Santa Red
  • DA173 Khaki Tan
  • DA174 Milk Chocolate
  • DA222 Traditional Raw Sienna

Sealers / Finishes

  • DAS13 Americana Spray Sealer, Matte

Additional supplies


  • 8.4″ square wooden box with lid


  • sheet music
  • #12 round brush
  • #16 angular brush
  • 10/0 liner brush
  • sponge roller brush
  • cosmetic sponge
  • 200-grit sandpaper
  • soft cloth
  • water container
  • paper towels
  • palette or plastic plate
  • one sheet 8″ x 11″ paper
  • masking tape
  • toothbrush
  • Invent Arte stamps, codes C068, C061, C060, C013, C067, C059, C029 (available from


Box lid

  1. With sponge roller brush, basecoat box lid Snow White.
  2. Add wash of True Ochre using round # 12 brush all over lid. (Be careful not to darken it too much.) Allow to dry.
  3. Add another wash of Milk Chocolate, creating spots of this color in some areas and on border of lid. (Avoid space where sheet music will be placed.) Let dry.
  4. When all washes are completely dry, sand with 200-grit sandpaper.
  5. Remove dust with soft cloth. (Do not sand excessively to avoid losing all color.)
  6. Tear paper so one border is irregularly shaped and adhere to one side of box using it as stencil to mask area. (Do not discard paper yet.)
  7. Randomly add designs with rubber stamps number: C068, C061, C060, C013, and C067 using Burnt Umber.
  8. Wet cosmetic sponge with Burnt Umber and sponge on border of paper, applying darker tones close to paper and blending outwards.
  9. Remove paper.
  10. Using rubber stamp C059, stamp on opposite side of sheet music three times.
  11. Apply wash of Traditional Raw Sienna, creating some spots.
  12. Using rubber stamp C029 loaded with Lamp Black, stamp inside sheet music. (Start above and repeat until end of picture.)
  13. With #16 angular brush, float inside petals on both sides using Santa Red. Let dry and then do shadows of lower petals with Burgundy Wine.
  14. Float inside leaves with Antique Green. Let dry.
  15. When dry, float Burnt Umber shadows below petals.
  16. Do Lamp Black shadow below sheet music.
  17. Load Lamp Black on liner brush to outline torn areas of sheet music.
  18. With angular brush and Khaki Tan highlight some breaks of picture.
  19. Reinforce all contours of flowers with liner brush loaded with Lamp Black.

Box bottom

  1. Paint outside of box bottom Burnt Umber.
  2. Paint inside of box Santa Red. Let dry.
  3. Apply dots of Khaki Tan to inside of box, splattering them with toothbrush.
  4. To finish, randomly stamp in box with rubber stamps. Let dry.

Finishing touches

  1. Seal with several coats of Americana Matte Spray Sealer, allowing to dry between coats.