Covid Message

To All Our Valued Helping Artists:

DecoArt celebrated its 35th anniversary in May 2020. It was not exactly the milestone anniversary celebration we had hoped for as we had just reopened our doors after being shut down for seven weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the time of the shutdown, we were considered a non-essential business. After going through this, I would argue that we certainly are essential. As a matter of fact, we are so essential that sales of our products skyrocketed by over 300%, as families were staying safe at home and finding new avenues to occupy their time. People who never ever considered painting as a hobby started painting.

It is now hard to find our products anywhere because we simply cannot make enough paint. I have heard over and over again that having overwhelming demand is a great problem to have! Unfortunately, this “great problem” leaves us with challenges we have never faced before – the notion that it is impossible to meet such a demand surge in such a short period of time.

I am so thankful to have such great employees who are working as hard as possible to increase our production capacity. They continue, every day, to help tackle our challenges by working at sprint capacity and clocking overtime hours to achieve these production goals.

We are committed to meeting production demand. To do this, we are investing further into the engineering and expansion of our equipment, specifically working with experts in the field to:

  • Implement additional lean manufacturing concepts that allow for quick change processes when it comes to bottling our lines, which include over 3,500 colors.
  • Expand the output of our product dispersion capabilities with the addition of state-of-the-art mixing equipment that will more than double our base making capabilities.
  • Increase our bottling capacity with the addition of new production lines to support the filling of all product lines.
  • Maximize line speed (MLS) initiatives while utilizing a fill rate monitoring information system that will be visible in real-time to understand production challenges.
  • The positive effects of this expanded capacity initiatives, which we call Phase I, will take six months to fully be achieved. And we are also already in the planning stages of Phase II, which includes our long-term expansion plans of our manufacturing and distribution centers that can each double in capacity.

There are also short-term, non-equipment related solutions in play to help manage our production planning.  This includes our focus on producing 30% of our SKUs that represent 85% of our business.

By doing this, we can make the products that only require the largest batch sizes. While this means some products will not be available until we can catch up with demand, it also means that we are maximizing our production capacity and efficiency until the time we can get delivery of the new production lines we are ordering.

Our new production lines will incorporate lean engineering concepts that will allow us to expand our SKU offerings in production to include smaller batch sizes that we have limited the production of at this time.

While we believe we will eventually see a decline in the COVID effect on the arts & craft paint market, we also believe – and are excited about – the gained percentage of this newfound business that will continue.  Our estimate of this varies from 30% to 50% of the new business remaining. That number, however, is dependent on the continuing education of new consumers.

DecoArt is excited to launch a new program that focuses on the education concept. Our new ‘Art for Everyone – Learning Center’ will be key to this. This new program will launch by the end of October.

I would like to personally thank all our dedicated customers and consumers for working side by side with us during this time.

Stan Clifford

President & CEO

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