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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Helping Artist program different from the DecoArt® Maker program?
The Helping Artist program is geared towards artists who teach classes and/or who independently have their artwork published using DecoArt® products in publications. The DecoArt® Maker program is focused on makers in the DIY, craft, entertaining, or art spaces and fostering online communities on social media through them.

Can you be a part of both the DecoArt® Maker program and the DecoArt® Helping Artist program?
Absolutely, if you fulfill both program criteria. We have several members in both programs.

Do you have to teach and publish to be considered for the Helping Artist Program?

You can qualify for our Helping Artist program if you do one or the other on a regular basis. You do not need to do both.

Are there other ways I can qualify for the Helping Artist Program?

You may also qualify for the Helping Artist program if you regularly post videos to YouTube and/or Facebook with the intention of educating your audience about paint products and artistic techniques, or through the creation of project tutorials.

How do I tell interested students about the classes I’m teaching?

As a registered Helping Artist, you have the ability to update your Artist Bio on our Helping Artist website. We use this to regularly communicate with our network about classes being taught by artists in our program. We encourage you to post information on your classes on social media and tag #decoart if you are using our products. We are always looking for information like this to share with our audience.

How many bottles of paint does DecoArt® provide for teaching classes?

In most cases, DecoArt® will provide 1 bottle of each color needed per project, per every 6 to 7 students in a class. When teaching with Traditions acrylic paints, 1 bottle of paint will be supplied for every 8 students. For projects which require tiny amounts of a particular color (such as for dotting an eye), instructors should just order one bottle of that color.

When Helping Artists travel and teach, do you ship to the teacher or directly to the chapter or show site?

DecoArt® will ship the products wherever the teacher wants the shipment to go, as long as the teacher provides the correct labeling information within the continental U.S. If the shipping is International we will work with a DecoArt distributor in that country to get the paints to your seminar.

Will DecoArt® supply paints for classes being taught at retail stores or for personal classes in the home?

No. DecoArt® does not supply paints for classes being taught at the retail level or for personal classes in the home.  We want to support local shops by having students on location, where they can purchase the class supplies they need directly from the shops.

Does DecoArt® automatically send out new product samples or do the Helping Artists need to request samples?

DecoArt® does not automatically send out samples. As an active traveling teacher or publishing author, you may request new product samples at any time for design work.

Can I get paid for publishing projects I create with DecoArt® products?

Yes. As a DecoArt Helping Artist, you will be eligible for compensation under our Pay for Publication program. When your projects that use DecoArt® products are published in books and magazines, you can submit a request for payment. For more details, read the Pay for Publication program information.

Is there a limit on the number of magazine articles or books one can submit for Pay for Publication compensation?

No. However, submitted books or magazine articles must be submitted within 1 year of publication date. All compensation requests are subject to the rules and limitations of the Pay for Publication program and may vary depending on your location.

What are my incentives for becoming a DecoArt Helping Artist?
There are many reasons to join! As a Helping Artist, you will receive:

  • Insider emails with new product information
  • Monthly project and technique emails
  • Financial support for authors through our Pay for Publication program
  • Free paint for use at convention classes
  • Free paint when travel teaching outside your home location
  • Opportunities to participate in surveys and demonstrate at industry shows
  • Opportunities to demonstrate at local art and craft store open houses
  • Inclusion of your projects on
  • A chance to network with others to promote your teaching business
  • A dedicated Helping Artist Coordinator available to assist you
  • A special discount on