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Spotlight:  Heidi Easley

Heidi Easley

My life was TOTALLY different 10 years ago after my husband lost his job and shortly after we lost our home.  We sold pretty much everything we had.

I remember feeling so ashamed and helpless and NEVER wanted to feel that way again! After moving into an apartment with our daughter who was small at the time, I took some scrap wood and sawed out a surfboard. I wanted to escape the pain so badly, so I used painting. I didn’t realize at the time that art was so healing… I just knew I needed to create! Long story short, my family jumped in, and we set up a little spot at Pier Park! In just two short months we sold over 1000 hand-painted surfboards! We made over $20,000, and I realized that God not only taught me a HUGE lesson but also showed me that I could do what I loved. The talents that He provided me with!

After a much-needed move back to Texas, I quickly realized I couldn’t sell many surfboards in the location we chose.  A friend asked if I could do a paint party, and I showed her pictures of a few parties I had taught in Florida. She said… YES, just like that! So I began teaching paint parties to just make side money. Not even realizing it would help others… help them to heal… help them to spend time with friends… help them to take a break from the stresses of life and also leave with something beautiful! One paint party quickly led to another. Then another… THEN ANOTHER!  After a few years of teaching paint parties and teaching full time, I realized that God had new plans for me. This is where He leads me to you.

I’m pretty obsessed with helping women teach painting parties because it’s important to have fun doing something you love while making a second income.  You can have the best painting EVER, but if no one knows about your paint party, then your efforts are useless. That’s why I’m hosting an ONLINE Paint Party Backstage Pass devoted to showing you the tips and tricks that keep a paint party business on track and how to consistently teach paint parties while having fun AND making a second income for your family.

Imagine a fun girls’ night out connecting with real humans!

  • Meeting the coolest people
  • Cheaper than therapy
  • Doesn’t feel like you’re working
  • Creating a fun environment for ladies
  • Enjoying the process
  • Making a difference
  • Getting paid to paint!

Join me online to explore the possibilities of a fun and exciting second income.  Connect with me at Paint Party Backstage Pass.  You’ll walk away with videos, several handouts, and new marketing resources to fill your parties and current strategies to start teaching paint parties right away!