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Spotlight:  Jen Goode

Jen Goode is a work-at-home mom of 3 and the “doodler in charge” of JGoode Designs, a Denver-based art and design studio. She gained a love for all things artistic and handmade early on, making gifts and goodies since she was 5 years old. She turned that passion for art into a career as a creative professional in 1996, and now shares her insight, inspiring creativity for kids and their families through her various websites including 100 Directions and Projects for Preschoolers.

Although Jen graduated college with a major in Graphic Design, she is a self-taught illustrator, mixed media artist, computer geek, and businesswoman. After working as a Designer’s assistant for a few years, Jen started her own business, Details of Design, in 1998. She offered Graphic Design to clients for print- and web-based media and then switched gears in 2006. She stopped accepting client projects to work on her own art, and became a self-promoted artist selling her art featured on a variety of products. About that same time, Jen was exploring online business practices and found herself surrounded by the excitement of new media. She jumped in to find success combining print on demand, social media, and performance marketing as a means to promote herself and her work. In 2010, Jen again embraced change to expand her business to include art licensing and product design, working with manufacturers to create fun new products and design concepts.

Jen is a woman who enjoys change, exploration of ideas combined with creativity, and problem solving. “There are only so many hours in the day, so you better be happy how you spend that time, and there’s nothing like trying something new and realizing it is something you enjoy. I think creativity is a skill that can bring great happiness, and everyone should embrace it and apply it to their daily lives.”

How did you get started painting?
I don’t remember how I got started. I had art kits as a kid and when I was five years old, I won a coloring contest, and from then on I was sure I would be a professional artist somehow.

What type of painting do you do?
I do primarily craft and mixed media painting, using paint as a facet of a whole project. In the past, I have painted on canvas with acrylics and I really enjoy that type of work. However, I prefer to explore unique uses for products and materials and combine them to create something new and interesting. Recycling or upcycling is a favorite direction for me.

What has been your biggest challenge?
I am always struggling to decide on a focus or direction to push myself. I really enjoy trying new things and new techniques, and exploring where my creativity wants to take me. So, finding that niche — that specialty — is a continual challenge for me.

When did you start using DecoArt products?
I can’t even remember. It has been years… as long as I’ve had my own bank account, I’m sure!

What impact do DecoArt’s products have on your work/life?
The variety of DecoArt products and the materials they can be used with allow me to find supplies to fit almost any project, which offers a brilliant opportunity to be creative in so many directions. Sometimes, when I’m looking for a project idea, I just have to see what products DecoArt carries and then I’m inspired to try something new.

How long have you been a Helping Artist?
Since September of 2011.

What has been your best and brightest moment as a Helping Artist?
Being asked to participate in the program! Having the opportunity to not only share ideas, but to potentially inspire someone else to find their own creativity is a passion of mine. It’s an honor to be able to share my love of art with others.

What’s your favorite DecoArt product?
I am a bit of a craft product hoarder because I can’t decide which I love more. If I could only pick one for a week, right now I think it would be Ink Effects, because they are so fantastic!

What has been your greatest success, so far?
Making a living doing what you love is an opportunity not everyone enjoys. I am so fortunate to be able to wake up each day looking forward to creating something new.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself happily sitting here working on the things I love and enjoying the opportunity to create art. I don’t know where my business will be or what new adventures are ahead. I hope to have published books and licensed my art, in order to help others use their own creativity to make their own fabulous art.

Who is your favorite artist, and why?
I have a few favorites. Leonardo Da Vinci is a favorite because of his ability to span numerous fields and schools of thought. I love how his artistic talents helped him communicate his ideas as well as create beauty for others to appreciate. I also really love the work of Ty Wilson. His simplistic line work displays so much emotion and energy.

Contact information:
Website: www.jgoodedesigns.com
Email: jen@jgoodedesigns.com