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ChandaElaine Spurlock

Hello, I’m ChandaElaine.

I live on Galveston Island, just off of Texas’s Gulf Coast. Surrounded by water, my life here revolves around creating, teaching, and learning, though I still find time to explore galleries and seek out new art supply shops...Or sneak off to one of Galveston’s many beaches.

Or listen to music or audio books, both of which are deeply entwined with my creative life and permeate my work.

Or read everything. Whether I am waiting at the drive-thru or standing in line at the local grocery, there is always time for one more story.

Or eat ice cream and Indian food, though not at the same time. Preferably not even in the same evening.

Or travel. On the road, in a plane, or on a train. If going to Inverness, all three, in that order. There is always something new over the horizon, someplace I haven’t been, someone I haven’t met.​

Hope to see you soon!