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Deb Mishima

I have just recently started designing and painting on my own. I learned to paint by following the instructions in old Terrye French books. That is when I feel in love with painting and all things Terrye French. Through a lot of encouragement from Deb Antonick, I started designing my own pieces. (She said she saw something in me. I have been picked up as a new artist by Pixelated Palette and 2 of my original pieces will be in their November and either December or January issues. My patterns have also been picked up by Cupboard Distributing. I opened my etsy site in August and have been fortunate to have been very successful with my e-patterns sales in a very short time. I worked at ArtWaves Okanagan in 2016 with Audrey DeJong. It was a great experience and I am hoping to teach at the 2017 ArtWaves Okanagan. I have just recently opened my Pinterest site and am gathering new followers daily.