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Sumaiyah Yates

Artist Sumaiyah Dymonz Yates was born in Baltimore Maryland in the late 1960s. Sumaiyah's artistic talent is Divinely inspired and guided -- she has never been traditionally schooled in painting, drawing, or any other artistic medium. Her interest in creative endeavors began in 2007 when she purchased her first electric die cutting machine for an interest in scrapbooking. This passion grew into her opening a scrapbook venue and holding classes in various techniques.

Introduced to mixed media through one of her scrapbooking friends, April Jackson, she immediately embraced the medium and became passionate about creating many of the vast array of projects available. Sumaiyah's journey has allowed her path to cross the teachings of Sue Hoyer Sellers, Mary MacDonald, Cat Geller, and many other talented instructors of Intentional Creativity and painting.

In 2013, Sumaiyah traveled to Healdsburg California to be mentored by Shiloh Sophia McCloud through Ms. McCloud's Great Work Retreat. Three short months later, Sumaiyah was enrolled in Maestra McCloud's Color of Woman Teacher Training program. A six month intensive class in painting and Intentional Creativity, Sumaiyah graduated six months after entering the program as a Certified Intentional Creativity Teacher and Certified Intentional Creativity Coach.

Sumaiyah established the Soulful Emergence Art Gallery in 2013 in Canton Maryland. One year later, the Gallery was relocated to the Charles North area of Baltimore. In 2017, the doors to the Gallery were closed. However, in 2018, Sumaiyah opened the doors to the DIVA Empowerment Studio, where she could focus more on art instruction and less on running an art gallery. The new Studio is within the boundaries of the Station North Arts District and benefits from being able to be a part of Artscape. Dedicated to the positive image of women, Sumaiyah offers a range of classes in visual journaling, mixed media, and intuitive painting through the Intentional Creativity Methodology.

In 2015, Sumaiyah hosted the Summer of Women Exhibit (through the Soulful Emergence Art Gallery). It was Sumaiyah's first artist exhibit. She was blessed to have the participation of nine different artists in this endeavor. The exhibit was dedicated to uplifting the image of women through displays of beautifully empowering artwork from women all over the country.

In the Fall of 2021, the DIVA Empowerment Studio will begin hosting WOW: Women of Wonder exhibits, featuring the works of one female artist each month. Sumaiyah hopes to bring attention to the wonderful works of women artists.

My art seeks to re-establish the connection in women between external Self and Authentic Self. We live our lives outwardly, to and fro', marching to the beat of society's demands. Instead, we should be dancing to the drumming of our heart as we navigate our path in the moonlight and rejoice with the rising of the sun. A survivor of domestic violence, I understand the importance of women having positive images of Self as a reference to who they really are rather than who the abuser attempts to make them. My artwork seeks to empower women and instill in them that they are loved, they are valuable, they are worthy of so much more...

Manifesting beauty onto the canvas through the tool of Intentional Creativity, I am guided by Spirit to create that which lies within. Embedding the symbols of empowerment which I am guided to reveal in the layers of paint, my paintings seek to be a salve to the wounded soul and a beacon of Light depicting what can be in the lives of women. Creativity for me is a devotion, an honoring, a personal spiritual practice bringing me closer to the Creator who bestowed these gifts upon me and to whom I am grateful.

Each painting holds the intention of connection to that which the beholder is in need. Enhanced with a range of different media, each project holds a different meaning for each individual.