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Elisabetta De Maria

Hello to all ...
I present myself. My name is Elizabeth De Maria, I was born in Genoa 50 years ago and lived with my in Bardonecchia, beautiful holiday resort located in the Piedmont Alps. Even as a child I
cultivated my passion for drawing and painting, so much to win the contest Colgate "will check a flower in the mouth" ..... remember the talking flowers? Then the music has taken over the
painting, to become my main activity, graduating in just 5 years with honors, at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Turin. I teach piano for 33 years now, preparing my students for exams to be
addressed at the Conservatory and at the old painting passion has never left me. The desire to learn new techniques, leads me to attend classes with Italian and American teachers: the Decorative
and Country Painting, take over everything. I currently live in Salento (Racale) where I also painting classes for children and adults and a few months ago to my great satisfaction, I was invited
to join the group Brushes Amore e Fantasia (PAF) and the American online magazines Pixelated Palette Magazine, painting Ezine Magazine and painting Online Magazine. I hope that my plans are to
your liking and ........ Good luck to all !!!!!!!!!!!