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Mª Victoria Gonzalez Murillo


My name is Victoria, I have a YouTube channel, called El Rincon de Angela. This idea was born in 2015 as a personal project, I wanted to teach my small craft projects. I took it as a hobby, rather than as a way of life. I published a video a month, because I dedicated my time to other things. In 2016, it was when I became aware that my work liked a lot of people. That it reached people, not from my country Spain, but that it had followers all over the world. Even in countries where my language was not spoken.
Little by little my channel grew. I started working with other techniques such as decoupage, home decorations, recycled, mix media, scrapbooking and much more. I discovered that my work helped many people, who through YouTube videos, learned and created beautiful things. This has encouraged me to continue learning and grow day by day, to offer my followers something different and new each time.
I have worked with important firms such as Innspiro, Artemio, Cadence, Leroy Merlin, Dipinto di Blue, Gelly arts and some more. This fills me with joy, because thanks to them, I can offer quality work.