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Tricia Joiner

Plymouth,, New Hampshire,
Phone: 603-425-7869  Fax: 603-236-4166  

Tricia Joiner is an internationally known American Decorative Artist, Teacher and Author, who has taught decorative painting extensively in North America, the Pacific Rim and Europe. As a teacher, she is known for breaking complicated painting techniques into understandable steps. She introduced the world to the three-stage, now standard, approach to teaching the Zhostovo style and the five-stage approach to Palekh fairy tale painting. She has taught regular, seminar and convention classes for almost forty years in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.
“One of my greatest pleasures is to walk into a class with one of the Russian masterpieces and listen to the students say, ‘I could never paint that!’ when I know full well that before we are through with the class, I will have them doing just that,” Tricia says.
Her interest in the decorative arts of the world flows from her desire to trace our artistic and cultural legacy back to its source and extend the authentic techniques to another generation of decorative painters. The Swedish and Italian backgrounds of her parents imparted a deep feeling for her European heritage, while her childhood in New England provided an appreciation for the cultural development of the U.S.
On her extensive studies throughout Europe, Tricia has followed the development of many decorative art styles back to the source for much of "our American painting heritage." Primarily, she works directly with the original painters to maintain the traditional painting style and techniques while adapting them to our modern products and media. She has done this with styles from Switzerland, Hindeloopen and Russia. Tricia was the first American painter to be invited to study with the lacquer  miniature painters from the village of Palekh, Russia, which led to a twenty year relationship with the painters from Palekh and Zhostovo. She has been a driving force behind the mainstreaming of the Hindeloopen, Zhostovo and Palekh styles of painting in the US, Japan, Taiwan and Australia.
In order to preserve the authentic Zhostovo technique and in cooperation with Slava Letkov, Merited Artist of Russia, she developed a five-year certification program to train artists and teachers around the world.
Tricia owned and operated a decorative painting shop and school for ten years, instructing hundreds of students. Her publications include four books on European decorative painting, a book of Russian fairy tales and legends, and over 250 instructional packets as well as historical articles and painting designs for The Decorative Painter and numerous other journals. She has been an active member, officer, including President, and committee chairwoman of several of the Society's local chapters and founded the Yellow Rose chapter in Dallas, Texas. She was also instrumental in the forming of one of the Japanese painting chapters. A commissioned piece of her work was presented to former President and Mrs. George H. W. Bush.