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Kim Christmas


I was born in British Columbia, Canada and reside now with my family and 2 children in Vernon, BC. My love for decorative painting began in the front store window of a decorative painting shop. Window shopping became browsing, browsing became shopping, shopping became painting.....and so the story goes!
Art has always been a focus in my family growing up. With most of my family originating in Europe and bringing their talents in pastels, oil and watercolor, the influence was there from a very young age.
My love of the seasons and festive decor was the catalyst from that point forward.
My first book "Holly Berries & Twigs" was published in 2003 and I have 8 books published to date. I have also been published in a wide range of magazine articles over the years and have had the honor of being published in the 100 Angels collection of handpainted angels presented by The National Museum of Decorative Painting.
I currently teach at my home studio and various other places Internationally and throughout North America and Italy.

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