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Nina Daniels

Greetings My Friends,
Growing up within a large family, my mom was a big support of re-purposing items in creative ways. She planted many seeds of creativity, designing, and art; though she secretly longed for a doctor in the family. I currently live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband, our cats meow-mao and Squints. Mom to four beautiful daughters and one handsome son, two still at home. This summer of 2012 has brought plenty of changes for our family making us first time grandparents. What a delight!
In 1990 I discovered a Jackie Shaw painting series on PBS. Thank you Jackie-after that chapters and SDP. Joining chapter opened up the wonderful world stock-full with a variety in painting styles, media, techniques, and great teachers. I was in love! At chapters held several officer positions, and learned to grow in my teaching style. I ventured into teaching at regional then national SDP conventions.
As our three daughters grew a bit older my time moved more to original designing and teaching. Well, life made some changes for us when our son then daughter joined us. Here my days are taken up with parenting special needs-as my designing and teaching went to the back burner many years.
These past fourteen years I have taught Art classes at a local private high school. I enjoyed when students “ended up” in Art as I find it a fun challenge to show them they can do Art with basic knowledge of techniques and tools of the trade.
I enjoy working with a variety of media-no room for boredom. I teach using Deco Art Americana paints and mediums. Started using Traditions two years ago. Along with Genesis Oil these are my basic media. I self-publish pattern packets and am a free-lance teacher. I have participated in fairs, competitions, PBS Art auction, white house and library of congress holiday ornament. Daily life still has its challenges mixed with happy surprises. I give thanks and credit to God for his blessings.