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Nora Begona

I have been working on Art for more than 20 years. I design jewelry, do some cooking but most of my time I paint. My theme so far, horses.

I have started painting in 1989 in my country Argentina. My first works were in the Naïf field, where I had the honor to win some awards.

Some years later I attended Art classes on Realism and classical painting, taking a close view to horses.

I participated in many exhibitions in Argentina and abroad such as Greece, Israel, and USA.
I have also took part the Equine Exhibitions, having the First Best Head Award given by The Argentine Quarter Horse Association. I also showed my work in the Arabs exhibitions held in my country too.
Some of my paintings are part of private collections.

Combining my works in Art, I decided to give classes, having the great opportunity of teaching in the US during 1997, 1998, and 2001.

I have also attended painting conventions and giving classes in Uruguay. I have published a book and many of my works appeared in local and international magazines.

I have been the host of an Art show, which is broadcasting in all South America and the United States.
Well animals have been my favorite theme, and all of a sudden I discovered a new world for me. I have started designing Bears and other friends. As soon as I started some bears and bunnies have already been adopted.

Since 2009 I have been living in NC US.