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Charlotte Fletcher

I was raised on a small dairy farm in Middle Tennessee. I learned to use my hands at a very young age from my talented parents. I have done most every craft that is available from cross-stitching to sewing to knitting to WHATEVER craft was trending, BUT it was in 1986 that I found MY PASSION in decorative painting. I am PROUD to be a self-taught artist who learned to improve my skills by being a veracious reader of all of the TOP decorative painters. I learned to mimic their styles until I finally was able to develop my own style of painting simple, happy creations. I have recently begun the process of making my own patterns available and I am excited for this new venture! I believe that anyone can learn to be a decorative painter if they wish and it is my goal to continue to make patterns available for the beginner to paint with success and for the seasoned artist to develop into their own personal style. I am LOOKING forward to WHAT the future holds for me as I travel the paths that are being opened for me...The love of my parents runs through EVERY stroke of my brush as I am reminded that THEY made me who I am.