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Ruben Ruiz

Born in Dominican Republic in 1968 ,living in New York for 20 years
Ruben has had a unique interest in art and design since childhood. His uniqueness was born with him, he is a leap year baby, born on Feb. 29 in Moca, Dominican Republic.

His uniqueness and creative passion started as a teenager when he experimented with different forms of painting and designed t-shirts.

In 1986, Ruben chose to further his knowledge of art and began studies in the field at the Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Urena in Santa Domingo. He left his native land for the United States in 1993 and became a cosmetologist full time while still doing paintings for family and friends.

Last year he decided to devote most of his time to art and began participating in several collective exhibits with the Staten Island Creative Community.

Ruben will be exhibiting his first one man art show at the LGBT center. Opening night will be Saturday, Dec. 14.