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Sandi Walters

Hi, my name is Sandi Walters. I am a wife and mother of two. I am also a returning to college student to pursue a degree in art education. My final goal when I have complete schooling is to be a Professor of Art. I currently attend Tarrant County College of Texas. I started in arts and crafts from a young age, as my grandmother was a seamstress that owned her own fabric store when I was little. From there my passion for doing arts and crafts grew. I am always making something. I attended college 13 years ago to pursue art degree of higher education , but never complete it because I was blessed with my first child. Obviously my new baby and life took priority over my schooling. School was pushed to the side for many years while I sat behind a desk doing insurance to make a living. I was a successful commercial and personal lines insurance agent, but I was absolutely miserable. I've known all my life that I have wanted to do art. With the birth of my second child, I decided it was time to again return to school, spend time raising my children, and leave the insurance business for good. That is just what I did! I am currently still embarking on my journey. Just recently I have began to form an online presence with my art. I first started with my personal Instagram (User name: Sandi_Walters), then just 3 weeks ago I started my YouTube channel. And happy to announce the starting of my blog:

After Tarrant County College I have plans of transferring into University of North Texas, where I plan to obtain my bachelors degree of fine arts and masters degree of fine art in printmaking. During this time of completing my degree I am planning on getting a Instructional Assistant or Teaching assistant job at the college or university. I received my first publication during my college career just last semester. A piece of my art work was published in the Tarrant County College Academic Journal "The Script". See page 23. Other than family and school, I heart art. :)