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Zinnia Usry

I’m Zinnia and I am a Chicana artist based out of Newnan, Georgia. I grew up mostly in Southern California, and my roots are from Mexico. I am a mother of three children, enjoy being outdoors, working on my self development and my passion is art!
I like doing all types of creative things but painting has always been my favorite! For me, its more of a meditative experience and has helped me a lot with my emotional well being. The process of making the art is what I enjoy the most. Focusing on the feeling that I have while I create vs how something looks at the end.
Right now I enjoy making abstract paint pours because the whole experience is so satisfying! and the end result of the painting is always so magical! I also enjoy working with acrylic paint that is mixed in modeling paste, to create an exaggerated amount of texture! I like for the paint to look almost 3d!
Teaching classes to others is also really fun for me. I love seeing the joy in everyone’s face once they pour the paint on their canvas! Everyone sees the same magic I see when I paint. And it’s a pleasure to share that experience with more people.