Helping Artist Program Information

DecoArt Helping Artists are creative artists and makers who teach, influence, and inspire painters, crafters, and DIYers.

Program history

The DecoArt Helping Artist program, founded in 1988, was designed to create an open working relationship between DecoArt and the authors, teachers, and designers of our industry. To fulfill this objective, DecoArt provides the Helping Artist with a number of products and services. With the evolving world of arts and crafts, DecoArt is constantly striving to provide the most up-to-date products, trends, and services to the designers in our industry.

Specifics of the Helping Artist program

New Helping Artists receive core product samples
Each new Helping Artist will receive a kit that includes DecoArt core products. New Helping Artists will also be eligible to place an initial order for up to $150 (retail value) in free product samples.

Designer support
Designers teaching and publishing may order product samples at no charge. In exchange, designers must follow up with pictures, links, and/or specifics on what the product was used for.

Emailing of new product information and techniques
Each Helping Artist will be added to an email list and will receive a bi-monthly newsletter, which will include projects of the month, information about products, and new product announcements.

Pay for Publication
Helping Artists are eligible for compensation under our Pay for Publication program. This includes projects using DecoArt products that are featured in magazines (printed and electronic), books (printed and electronic), pattern packets (printed and electronic), YouTube videos, Facebook videos, and DVDs.  In order to be eligible for compensation, the published project may not feature any competitor’s products.

Paint for classes taught at National conventions
DecoArt will supply paint free of charge for use within classes or seminars taught by Helping Artists at trade shows and major conventions. Helping Artists are required to follow up with the DecoArt survey that is included in their shipment of paints.

Survey participation and communication
Phone, written, and online surveys are conducted from time to time to discuss how our products are performing for you in your area. We want to hear from our Helping Artists and we will listen to what you say about our products. We encourage your input and evaluation of our programs. We also invite you to come say “hello” in our booths at trade shows and let us know what you’re doing with our products.

Helping Artists are asked, from time to time, to demonstrate for DecoArt or our distributors at shows or Open Houses.

Projects on our website
Selected projects submitted by Helping Artists will be featured on our website, giving you free online publicity.

Promoting your teaching business
As a registered Helping Artist, you have the ability to customize your Artist Bio on our website. This bio includes a section listing details about your upcoming seminars and classes. Interested students can search for seminars by location, topic, date, or instructor to find a class that’s right for them.

Online purchasing discount
Helping Artists in the U.S. and Canada receive a special discount when ordering DecoArt products through the DecoArt online store. These purchases would include paint needed for personal seminars and local classes.

Helping Artist Coordinator
We have a dedicated Helping Artist Coordinator on staff. Rosemary Reynolds is available to discuss our program with you and handle any requests you have. Rosemary can be reached by phone at (606) 365-3193, (800) 477-8478, or (800) 367-3047 ext. 5073 or by email at