Project:  Purple Pansy Necklace

Created by Leah Luper, Helping Artist

Leah Luper is an artist from Caldwell, ID. She has been painting for 22 years and loves (and lives) to paint and shares her work with friends and other members of the Idaho chapter of Heritage Artists.
An active Heritage Artists member, Luper is a true night owl who loves to paint until the wee hours. Her favorite paints are Americana Acrylics and DecoArt Traditions Artist Acrylics. You can contact her via email at

Her design for Helping Artists is a charming necklace painted with those favorite Americana Acrylics and applied to a porcelain disk with Americana DecouPage Glue. Her design can also be used on virtually any other surface.

DecoArt supplies

Americana Acrylics

  • DAO32 Lilac
  • DAO33 Orchid
  • DAO41 Country Blue
  • DAO84 Midnite Green
  • DA111 Grey Sky
  • DA131 Hauser Light Green
  • DA132 Hauser Medium Green
  • DA144 Yellow Light
  • DA155 Soft Black
  • DA172 Black Plum
  • DA175 Plum
  • DA179 Alizarin Crimson
  • DA192 Pink Chiffon
  • DA239 Warm White

Sealers / Finishes

  • DS106 Decoupage Matte or DS101 Gloss

Additional supplies



  • Tracing and transfer paper
  • Water container
  • Plastic plate or palette
  • Fine liner brush
  • Flat brush
  • Shader brush
  • 18kt gold or silver leafing pen
  • Cording
  • Silver or gold bead


Note: Pansy 1 is darker pansy and Pansy 2 is lighter one.

  1. Mix Grey Sky and Warm White (1:2). (This is mix #1.) Basecoat both sides of 3” round porcelain ornament porcelain surface with mix using slip-slap motion. (Save some of mix for later.) When dry, paint about ½” around edge with Warm White.
  2. Trace and transfer pattern to surface.
  3. Basecoat petals of Pansy 1, Orchid; and Pansy 2, Lilac.
  4. Shade Pansy 1 with Plum and highlight with Lilac.
  5. Mix Orchid and Plum 1:1 and Lilac and Warm White 1:1. Shade Pansy 2 with Orchid/Plum mix and highlight with Lilac/Warm White mix.
  6. Highlight Pansy 1 with Pink Chiffon. Mix Pink Chiffon and Warm White 2:1 and use mix to highlight Pansy 2.
  7. Deepen shade on Pansy 1 with Plum, then with 2:1 mix of Plum + Black Plum.
  8. Deepen shade on Pansy 2 with 2:1 mix of Plum + Orchid, then with Plum.
  9. Highlight Pansy 1 again with Pink Chiffon, then with 1:1 mix of Country Blue + Warm White. Highlight Pansy 2 again with 2:1 mix of Pink Chiffon + Warm White.
  10. Add beard lines with 1:1 mix of Soft Black and Black Plum (1:1) using fine liner brush. Lines above beard lines on front petal are Yellow Light. Tear drop shape is above Yellow Light lines is Soft Black with Alizarin Crimson comma stroke at top.
  11. Final step for pansy is Warm White line from top of large petal ½ way down each side of petal.
  12. All leaves are based with 2:1 mix of Hauser Light Green + mix #1.
  13. Highlight all leaves with 1:1 mix of Hauser Light Green + Warm White. (Place light values on both outside edges or on one side of vein line and one on opposite edge.)
  14. Shade leaves with side-load float of Hauser Medium Green. When dry, float again in darkest areas with Midnite Green.
  15. Highlight leaves with Warm White in highlight area or add some Hauser Light Green to Warm White. Highlight areas of the leaves with 1:1 mix of Midnite Green + Warm White. (This should look blue grey.)
  16. Add vein lines with Warm White. (Add Yellow Light if needed.)
  17. Add some Pink Chiffon to leaves and background if desired.
  18. Make colored copy of painted pansy and cut copies to fit 2” square tag on both sides. Cover porcelain top with Americana DecouPage Glue in either matte or gloss. Place colored copy on top of DecouPage, being careful not to wrinkle. Then, with brush and more DecouPage, seal “paper art”.
  19. When dry, use gold or silver leafing pen to go around and up cover edge of tag.
  20. Put cord through hole in tag, add gold or silver bead, then tie double slip knot.


Click on the pattern below to view it full-size for printing.