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Spotlight:  Rebecca Baer

Rebecca Baer is an accomplished designer, author and international instructor. Rebecca’s designs combine a sense of sophistication, elegance, and harmony, yet have a practical, comfortable quality to them. Rebecca’s designs begin with a traditional style but are always highlighted with her own unique interpretation which makes them stand out from the commonplace. Her designs are as easily at home in a traditional setting as in a contemporary one. Rebecca is the creative force behind Rebecca Baer®, Inc. and her designs and decorative accessories are regularly published in United States and Japanese publications. In particular, Rebecca combines sophisticated style with practical ideas and recipes and shares them through her innovative “Homespun Elegance™” feature column, which appears in a bi-monthly magazine in the United States.

Rebecca has produced an extensive line of design and instructional packets, which, along with her books and related products, are marketed worldwide. In 2001, Simply Elegant Stencils was launched, followed by Petite & Elegant and Casual Elegance stencil lines. The stencils proved to create broad cross-market appeal for the company. As an industry leader, Rebecca expanded beyond the painting market turning the focus of the company’s website to “Creative Arts” in 2008. Rebecca Baer® products are used by everyone from the hobbyist to the professional and from crafters to fine artists.

Rebecca’s licensed art can be found on home decor goods, housewares, accessories, fabric and more. Rebecca’s innovative Whimsies & Wishes™ brand, a sophisticated yet delightfully whimsical series, has received enthusiastic response without exception. Encompassing icons and images for all seasons and life events, the collection continually expands with Rebecca’s trademark artistry.

How did you get started painting?
I was introduced to painting at a women’s ministry meeting where a demonstration was offered.

What type of painting do you do?
I paint in a refined, highly detailed style on a variety of surface materials.

What has been your biggest challenge?
My biggest challenge is keeping up with the never-ending ideas and inspirations that are constantly flowing through my mind.

When did you start using DecoArt products?
I have been using DecoArt products from the beginning of my painting career in 1994.

What impact do DecoArt’s products have on your work/life?
Since they are water-based, DecoArt’s paints allow me to be my most productive with a fast dry time.

How long have you been a Helping Artist?
I have been a Helping Artist for over fifteen years.

What has been your best and brightest moment as a Helping Artist?
Painting has afforded me many opportunities ranging from international travel to being a feature columnist. In each of these achievements, DecoArt has been my paint of choice.

What’s your favorite DecoArt product?
My favorite product changes with the project or technique on which I am working. It may be crackle at one time and canvas gel another.

What has been your greatest success, so far?
My greatest success is the next one!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
There are so many facets in the world of art that I would never confine myself to a singular target several years out; my vision always remains fluid. My goal is to continue moving forward while adapting to the changes around me, because even when you’re on the right track, you will be run over if you’re just sitting there.

Who is your favorite artist, and why?
There are so many artists whom I admire. I am enthralled with the work of Mara Schasteen. She is a contemporary oil painter who paints with a loose, yet realistic hand that is exquisite.

Contact information:
Website: www.rebeccabaer.com
Blog: Rebecca Baer® Artful Living
Email: arts@rebeccabaer.com