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Spotlight:  Ruben Ruiz

This month’s Artist Spotlight is Ruben Ruiz.

Ruben was born in the Dominican Republic, and as a child, still remembers his first coloring pencils, coloring book and the tiny table and chair where he would sit. That was his first connection with creativity that would soon turn into his beloved art form. As a young boy, Ruben never missed an opportunity to help someone with their craft/art project. One of his fondest memories was at Christmas time. He would construct Christmas villages from scratch with cardstock, tempera, glue, and glitter. As a teenager he began painting on T-shirts, jeans and canvas sneakers for a living. At age 18 he knew he wanted art to be his entire world and seriously started painting in oil on canvas and creating workshops and mini classes.

Today, Ruben resides on Staten Island, NY, and offers private art lessons as well as coordinates workshops in his nearby studio/gallery. Ruben’s most recent gallery show was May 2015 at the SIABC gallery in Staten Island. You can contact Ruben for painting lessons and workshop information or to purchase his artwork at: rrhaircouture@aol.com