Project:  Spring Towel Holder

Spring towel holder

Created by Sandy Aubuchon, CDA, Helping Artist

Sandy Aubuchon is an experienced artist who has taught decorative painting for more than 40 years in more than 24 countries. She currently teaches at Creative Painting in Las Vegas and for SDP chapters through Sandy’s Sharing Seminars. Sandy finds great joy and excitement in teaching and regularly takes new classes to hone her craft and keep her inspired.

This cheerful towel holder features an array of Spring blooms that would brighten any kitchen or bathroom.

DecoArt supplies

Traditions Artist Acrylics

  • DAT35 Titanium White
  • DAT44 Burnt Sienna
  • DAT19 Pine Green
  • DAT12 Yellow Oxide
  • DAT55 Cobalt Blue Hue
  • DAT52 Hansa Yellow Medium
  • DAT32 Red Violet
  • DAT45 Raw Umber
  • DAT42 Carbon Black

Traditions Mediums

  • DATM07 Light Primer
  • DATM02 Extending Medium
  • DATM04 Satin Varnish

Additional supplies


  • Walnut Hollow towel shelf or solid surface of choice, measuring 8″ x 18″


  • #4 filbert brush
  • 1/2″ flat brush
  • 5/0 liner brush
  • 1″ flat brush
  • water container
  • paper towels
  • palette or plastic plate
  • graphite paper
  • tracing paper
  • sanding disc
  • stylus
  • Magic Rub eraser
  • fine-point black permanent marker (optional)


  1. Using the 1″ flat brush, base surface with a mixture of Light Primer and a little Burnt Sienna to create a pretty, peachy, pink color.
  2. When dry, sand lightly.
  3. Transfer pattern to surface with graphite paper.



  1. With a brush, mix of equal amounts of Pine Green, White, and Yellow Oxide. For variety, add just a touch of Cobalt Blue to give a little different color to a few leaves.


  1. Base in the back-most petals with a brush mix of equal amounts of White, Yellow Oxide, and Hansa Yellow Medium. Add a touch of Pine Green and apply shadow area. Dry.
  2. Dampen and wipe off excess. Fill remaining petals with the White, Yellow Oxide and Hansa Yellow Medium the same base mix. Edge into White and highlight petals edges.
  3. Dampen and wipe apply shadow of Raw Sienna pulling from the petal stem area towards the tip of the petals.
  4. While still damp lean brush and apply Hansa Yellow for lighter areas of the flower. Dry.
  5. Dampen and wipe. Make a line of Burnt Sienna where petal comes out from the stem. Pull out from the stem and pull out about 1/3 length of petals. Dry.
  6. Dampen and wipe. Apply final light of Hansa Plus a touch of White if necessary. Detail is White on the liner brush.


  1. Paint with Cobalt Blue and just a little White to a medium value. Dry.
  2. Dampen and wipe and apply shadow of Cobalt Blue. Dry.
  3. Dampen and wipe apply a brush mix of Cobalt Blue and a little Red Violet here and there on the petals.

Other elements

  1. Stems are painted with Pine Green, Cobalt Blue and a little White.
  2. Pussy Willows are a brush mix of Red Violet, Raw Umber and a little White using the filbert.
  3. Calyx is painted with the green from the stems.
  4. Dragonflies are done first with Black and a liner brush (or just draw in with a fine-point black permanent marker. When dry, wash with color of choice.

Finishing touches

  1. Use eraser to remove any pattern lines.
  2. Varnishing with Traditions Satin Varnish.


Click on the pattern below to view it full-size for printing.