Project:  Sunflowers in Fall

Created by Beth Wagner, Helping Artist

Beth Wagner is an artist best known for her beautiful roses. She began her career as a fashion illustrator, and after graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, she illustrated for various manufacturers and department stores for 25 years. Wagner started taking painting lessons in Florida and soon began her career in decorative painting. After returning to New York, she started a mural and faux painting business, which naturally evolved into teaching classes and seminars. She has been teaching locally and at conventions both in the US and abroad. Find out more about Wagner at

This charming design features an autumn scene full of bright fall sunflowers and a plump pumpkin. The addition of texture medium to the canvas adds depth and interest to the piece.

DecoArt supplies

Americana Acrylics

  • DA164 Light Buttermilk
  • DAO93 Raw Sienna
  • DAO64 Burnt Umber
  • DAO67 Lamp Black
  • DA113 Plantation Pine
  • DA147 Antique Green
  • DA235 Citron Green
  • DAO10 Cadmium Yellow
  • DAO14 Cadmium Orange
  • DA185 Light French Blue
  • DAO36 True Blue
  • DA129 True Red
  • DAO1 Snow (Titanium) White

Paintable Textures

  • DS109C Dimensional Effects

Sealers / Finishes

  • DS21 DuraClear Satin Varnish

Additional supplies


  • 12″ x 12″ portrait canvas


  • #10 or #12 flat brush
  • #16 flat brush
  • #5 round brush
  • #0 or #1 dresden liner brush
  • 1/2″ stencil brush
  • large brush to base paint
  • 3/8″ squares stencil
  • palette knife
  • clear ruler


  1. Add texture medium to the canvas. Let dry.
  2. Base paint entire surface including the side in Light Buttermilk. Base again if necessary.
  3. Transfer pattern on being sure to wrap the design around the sides. Use a ruler for the straight lines.
  4. Add additional texture medium to the pumpkin sections and sunflower petals.
  5. Base paint the wall in True Blue, the window frame in Raw Sienna and the pumpkin and petals in Cadmium Yellow.



  1. Retrace pumpkin lines if necessary.
  2. Corner load a flat with Cadmium Orange. Brush on following the curves of the pumpkin. Allow the Cadmium Yellow to show through especially near the center of each section.
  3. Shade with True Red, reinforced with Burnt Umber.

Window Frame

  1. Shade with Burnt Umber, then reinforce with Lamp Black.


  1. Stencil checks with True Red. Use a dry stencil brush blotted well. Be sure to wrap around the sides.
  2. When dry, trace on the flower bud.


  1. The background color is the base. Corner load a flat brush with Light French Blue. Blend on your palette. Paint, using long, vertical strokes keeping it stronger at the bottom.
  2. Shade with Raw Sienna along the sides and under the leaves.
  3. Paint stripes in True Red being sure to keep the same curve. Reinforce the shade on the side and under the leaves with Burnt Umber.
  4. Add a “flip-flop” White highlight down the center.

Stem of Pumpkin

  1. Base in Raw Sienna. Wash on Antique Green. Shade with Burnt Umber.
  2. Add lines of Burnt Umber and Cadmium Yellow.
  3. Loosely outline the upper edge with Black.


  1. Allowing the Light Buttermilk to show through in places, corner load a flat in Light French Blue and pat on loosely and lightly. Be more solid near the pumpkin and behind the leaves.
  2. Add a touch of White to the upper left window pane.

Leaves and Calyxes

  1. Paint with Antique Green with tints of Cadmium Orange and highlights of Citron Green and Cadmium Yellow.
  2. Shade near the sunflower petals with Plantation Pine.


  1. The centers are patted on with Burnt Umber.
  2. Pat some Lamp Black as a shade near the bottom and add True Red to the left and Citron Green to the right.


  1. Base in Cadmium Yellow.
  2. Add tints of Cadmium Orange and some White highlights.

Twigs and Leaves

  1. Using a small round paint twigs in Burnt Umber and Lamp Black.
  2. With a large flat, shade under the pumpkin and pitcher with Burnt Umber.
  3. The brown permanent marker is used for all leaf line work. The sunflower petal outlines are a combination of marker and liner, using Burnt Umber, work. Refer to photo or use your own judgment.

Finishing touches

  1. Varnish to protect piece.


Click on the pattern below to view it full-size for printing.