Project:  Winter Snowman Frame

Created by Betty Bowers, Helping Artist

Betty Bowers, who began painting in 1979 as a way to stop smoking, believes that you “never know where we are going in life, what path we’ll travel.” A designer, artist, and author of 11 books, Bowers’ work has taken her places that she never dreamed of. And…she hasn’t smoked since picking up a paint brush. Check out her new book, Down Home Torn ‘N Tattered, on sale now for $10.95.

This delightful snowman and his little friend will warm up your home this winter. This frame is a wonderful way to display your favorite winter season photo! Betty can be reached at or by calling 803-286-5505.

DecoArt supplies

Americana Gloss Enamels

  • DAG01 White
  • DAG52 Avocado
  • DAG67 Black
  • DAG164 Light Buttermilk
  • DAG228 Bright Orange
  • DAG230 Festive Green
  • DAG234 Calypso Blue
  • DAG235 Citron Green
  • DAG265 Tuscan Red
  • DAG276 Razzle Berry

Americana Acrylics

  • DAO64 Burnt Umber
  • DA172 Black Plum
  • DA191 Camel

Sealers / Finishes

  • DAS13 Americana Matte Spray Sealer

Brushes / Accessories

  • DAS131 Ultra Frost Sponge Applicators

Additional supplies


  • 8” X 10” wood frame of your choice


  • Mini sponge brushes
  • #6 and #10 shader brushes
  • ¼” angular brush
  • ¼” and ½” flat brushes
  • 0 short liner brush
  • 20/0 script liner brush
  • Sanding disc
  • Contact paper (with sticky side)
  • Water container
  • Paper towels
  • Palette or plastic plate
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Tracing paper
  • Stylus
  • Graphic paper


  1. Frame I bought was brown. I sanded it to remove shine and then sponged it with Calypso Blue. I did not cover it completely, just one coat. I wanted it to have a little “aged look”. After it dries, sponge White around outside edge and across bottom and paint dots. Set aside to dry.
  2. Clean glass with mild soap and water. Dry with paper towels.
  3. To apply contact paper: I have found that you will need to layer contact paper on itself at least three times. This will make it thick and will be easier to peel off. Trace basic lines on to tracing paper. Place tracing on contact paper and trace photo opening. Place glass onto line drawing to see where to put contact paper. Peel off backing and place on glass. Be sure edges are sealed to prevent paint from running under contact paper. After all painting is done, score around contact paper with X-Acto Knife and lift off. Be sure to spray with Americana Matte Spray Sealer before peeling off contact paper. If adhesive is left on glass, clean it with alcohol and a paper towel.


  1. Use sponge applicator to sponge on Light Buttermilk over glass. Let dry. When sponging second coat, pick up Calypso Blue and sponge in sky area, getting lighter as you go down. Let dry.
  2. Trace on basic lines with graphic paper.
  3. Using sponge applicator (see Helpful Hint below), basecoat design as follows: Snowman face, Light Buttermilk; bird, Tuscan Red; mittens, Festive Green; scarf and top of mittens, Camel; shoes, Black; carrot nose (use several coats), Bright Orange.
  4. For snowman: Shade at base of twigs and at bottom of face with Burnt Umber. Paint twigs Burnt Umber and also shade behind eyes. Stipple in cheeks with Razzle Berry. Paint eyes with Black. Let dry. Highlight eyes and then dot with White. Use 20/0 script liner to paint pine on twigs with layers: first, Avocado; second, Festive Green; third, Citron Green; and finally, highlight with White.
  5. Shade nose with Burnt Umber. Highlight with White. Paint line details with Black.
  6. Shade scarf with Burnt Umber. Highlight with White. Paint band with Calypso Blue. With Festive Green, paint dots and outline Calypso Blue band. Paint Xs and outline with Black.
  7. Use 0 liner brush and Burnt Umber to paint twig arms. Paint pine needles same as step above.
  8. Shade bird with Black Plum. Paint beak with Camel. Shade with Burnt Umber. Highlight tail feathers and wings with White (just a little…you don’t what this to jump out at you if it’s too bright.) Paint behind eye with Black. Dot eye with White and again with Black. Outline with Black.
  9. Paint star on mitten with Camel. Shade star and top of mitten with Burnt Umber. Paint all details with Black.
  10. Highlight shoes with White.
  11. Shade around contact paper with Calypso Blue and add Black stitches about ¹⁄₈” out.
  12. Use sponge to add White across bottom and on toes of shoes.
  13. Paint snowflakes using 20/0 script liner brush and White. Paint all dots with White.
  14. To finish, spray with Americana Matte Spray Sealer. Let dry. Score around contact paper with X-Acto Knife and lift off. Make sure all paint is completely dry. If contact paper has left sticky stuff on the glass, clean with alcohol and paper towel. Tape picture to back of glass and return to frame.

Helpful hints

When painting with Americana Gloss Enamels, it is easier to get good coverage with sponge. When using brush, it will take lots of coats and sometimes leaves streaks. If you don’t have mini sponges, make one by cutting piece off of sponge applicator. (I have one cut in triangle to get into corners.)


Click on the pattern below to view it full-size for printing.